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Pet Memorials Wooden Urns

It is so sad when our pets pass away.   It Tugs at us in ways that we don't totally understand.   

These Wooden Urns are perfect for storing our pets Cremains and providing us a lovely reminder of them.  

They are filled from the bottom and are tamper resistant.  

Made from Oak, the grain and finish colors may vary slightly.  

Please Specify Species, Breed and Name when ordering at the check out page.  A silouette of your pet will be added to the bottom right and the name will added on the top.  

Please choose size when you are ordering.  

Small 6x4x3   $30.00            Medium 7.5x5x4   $45.00               Large 9x6x5  $55.00   

Please click to choose the size you would like to order. Allow 2 Weeks for delivery.